Bring your appetite

let the menu sell the food for you!

While the quality of food is obviously the main focus for any restaurant, the dining atmosphere also plays a role in bringing customers back for another meal. A well-designed menu should capture the feel of your restaurant and allow patrons to easily look through their options without having to sort through a busy mess. These are just a few menus I've had the chance to design.


If you're looking for a convenient and eye-catching way to design your takeout menu, tri-fold is the way to go. They fold down like a brochure, making them super portable and the perfect size for customers to tuck into their kitchen drawer until they need to order again. A tri-fold menu is also great for in-house dining if your restaurant has a casual feel.


Sleek & Modern

A clean and spacious design is an easy way to instantly tell customers to expect a more upscale dining experience. No need to thumb through pages and pages of options; everything is right there for them on a single, airy page. This format is also great for restaurants with seasonal selections, as you won't need to worry about replacing pages in a book.

Timeless Classic

Simple and elegant. Those words resonate with customers when you choose a sophisticated, but not overly gaudy, menu layout. The sleek black text, conservative mix of script and serif fonts, and tiny corner details feel vintage without being outdated and brings warmth to your restaurant.

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