Here's My Card

share a snapshot of your brand

Business cards are a classic tool for promoting your company. They're small enough to keep tucked in your wallet and easily slide over to a potential customer . . . but more than big enough to hold all of your essential info and give a snapshot of your brand!

As you'll see in the first image, sometimes clients need me to design "from scratch." They already have a business, but no logo or real brand identity. In this case, I need to design something that not only gives contact information, but also quickly tells customers what type of services to expect from this company without actually reading the card.


Other times, a client already has a pre-existing logo and simply needs cards that will match their brand identity. This entails anything from choosing complementary fonts and color schemes, to organizing all their information while still allowing the logo to be prominent.

Regardless of the design process, the range of professions alone shows just how versatile and essential business cards can be!

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