Mystic Love Badges

Cryptid pins

My "Mystical Love Badge" series is a set of button-back pins that feature mythical creatures and cute, puny sayings. I designed the pins and cardboard backers.


This is a small pin perfect for anyone who's sense of humor is a bit dark and twisted! The squid-like creature is the Japanese sea monster "Umibōzu," which dwells in the stormy waters and uses its tentacles to sink ships. But the cute little guy on this pin would never do that to you!


The other pin in my series is perfect for anyone who's pure at heart! Proudly show off your love of unicorns. It's no fantasy -- this little accessory is guaranteed to make you feel magical.

Both pins have a glossy finish and come on a cardboard backer, making this a perfect, ready-to-go gift! Purchase them at my store!



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